Are you desperate to be able to leave your dog without them falling apart?

You’ve come to the right place

But it can be fixed, and I would like to show you how.

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With my 1 month separation anxiety package, you will enjoy the benefit of a programme individually tailored for you and your dog. You’ll get a professional assessment of your dog’s condition, weekly video calls and Whatsapp support, and most importantly, bespoke training exercises designed to progress your dog at a pace that sets them up for success! All of these benefits are included for the bargain price of £390.

Separation anxiety is a tough problem to solve, and whilst it is incredibly rare to fix the problem in just a few short weeks, in our month of working together I aim to give you and tools and the confidence you need to keep making progress and get back to the life you’ve been dreaming of!

Best of all, I work the package through video link and online support, so wherever you are in the world I can help. Simply click the button below and select your preferred date and time for your first consultation, or read on if you would like to know more!


Group 49

Even pre-lockdown, you’d long since said goodbye to spontaneity, big nights out, and nipping to the shop for that missing ingredient or a pint of milk. And as the world starts to return to “normal” you are dreading leaving your dog more than ever. You know the past few months will have made things worse, not better.

You may even be amongst the large group of dog owners who didn’t see a problem before lockdown, but you know your dog and you know how much they have loved having you home these past weeks. You are desperate to get back to normal life – meeting friends, going to the pub or a café, even seeing work colleagues again. You need to make your dog understand everything is going to be okay – so how are you going to do this? And what if it doesn’t work?

BEFORE you waste any more time or money on quick fixes, books, herbal remedies or pheromone treatments, AND

BEFORE you spend another minute beating yourself up for not being able to solve this problem, I need you to know TWO things:


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Book your video consult and assessment slot!

Give me an hour of your time. We’ll have a chat about what’s been happening, I will guide you through some simple but essential assessment exercises and then I’ll let you know where you need to start to get on the right path to help your dog.

Receive your first bespoke exercise the very same day.

Get cracking with your exercise and then feedback the results.

Receive your next bespoke exercise and continue your path to freedom! Every week we will have an additional half hour catch up chat, and I will give you my Whatsapp number for any questions you might have during the course of your training.

After your initial month I will give you the option to continue unsupported, with full support for an additional month, or to book the odd catch up here and there, whichever route suits you best!

With my help, in the first month Cleo achieved enough home alone time for Claire to pop out to the local corner shop. By month two they were well on their way to an hour of stress free, relaxed time apart!

Is it really possible to “Cure” Separation anxiety?

The first thing I need you to know about Separation Anxiety:


Crating your dog?

Leaving them with food or treats?

Wearing your jacket and shoes

around the house

Putting on the radio or TV when you leave so they have“company”?

Shutting them in a separate room so they can learn to handle time away from you?

Popping out for short spells, hoping they will

learn to relax and trust you will be back?

Herbal remedies or anti-anxiety medications?

Picking up your keys a hundred times a day?

Work with someone who is experienced and qualified (I hold a masters in Animal Behaviour and have treated hundreds of dogs for behaviour issues!).

Work with kindness and confidence, knowing you are getting the very best for your dog and yourself;

Use ONLY tried and tested techniques based on scientific evidence

Full coaching and support via Whatsapp, 5 days per week

Work at your own pace – receive as many or as few exercises as you want over the course of the month;

Enjoy weekly video catch ups where we can run exercises together, trouble shoot or discuss future plans and targets;

No confusing or lengthy training plans just simple to follow exercises.

Learn my methods so you can run with it after the first month!